Holiday Wishes From Our Family to Yours

This has been a challenging year for all of us – everyone has faced difficulties to some degree and we have all been trying to weather this storm together as best we can. Even though the holidays may look a bit different this year, it’s still an opportunity to count our blessings (even though they may also look a bit different this year) and to offer our support to those who need a little extra help.

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Sunbrella Fabric for Indoors and Out!

Before the green vibrancy of Spring, there is the dirty, salty and brown phase – and if you have pets, children or grandchildren, this also gets tracked into the house! In fact, no matter what season, they often find a way to spill, smear or wipe something on the couch cushions – that’s just how it goes! But can your furniture handle it? Some fabrics don’t stand up to wear and tear, sunlight exposure and cleaning efforts – but Sunbrella fabrics do! Continue reading

Help Heal Dry Winter Skin

These freezing temperatures are hard on us in many ways – and especially hard on our skin. The cold, dry air robs our skin of moisture all day and our indoor heating further compounds the issue at night. Harsh winter winds, hot showers or baths, and chemical cleansers can also contribute to redness, itching, chapping, cracking and even bleeding. Here are some tips to help counteract these effects and keep our skin healthy and comfortable this season!

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Staying Warm This Winter!

Its so cold outside that just walking from the car to your front door makes your face hurt – I think I read somewhere that Winnipeg has been colder than Siberia this Winter…and we still have a couple of months to go! Even though every website and magazine I read is touting the benefits of embracing outdoor Winter activities, you couldn’t pay me to go snow-shoeing right now… so what about Winter activities we can enjoy without getting frostbite? I am definitely a big proponent of healthy exercise and activity, but I also love hunkering down and hibernating in this weather – I don’t even want to walk the dog (thankfully for him my husband is a trooper)! So here are my favourite ideas for enjoying Winter by staying warm and cozy indoors! We can venture outside again in May.
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Simple & Elegant Christmas Decor

We had a lot of fun styling this beautiful home for this CTV Morning Live segment that we filmed with Terri Apostle! We chose to mix natural elements – greenery, berries, pinecones – with some sparkling metallics, warm plaids and a few splashes of red! This mixture is actually very simple and relaxed, but also refined and elegant – a combination of traditional themes and some modern glitz!

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