Thick Italian Hot Chocolate

I have been searching for a really good hot chocolate recipe for a while… one that is rich in flavour and has that wonderful thick texture that reminds me of a the delicious hot chocolate we had at a restaurant in Paris many years ago! This one checks all the boxes and there is nothing like indulgent chocolatey goodness to warm up with on a wintry day!

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End of Summer Plum Cake

Nothing can capture the change in seasons quite like a good recipe or good food! This plum cake brings the wonderful flavour of end of summer plums and warms them with a few spices into that perfect fall dessert. The cake is beautifully moist with pockets of magic created by the plums. It is perfect served cold (with a cup of tea, blanket and a book!). Or it makes a lovely dessert, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

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Ina Garten’s Lemon Cake

If you have been reading our newsletter for a while now, you might know that I’m a fan of the Barefoot Contessa – I trust her recipes because they’re always delicious and so far, everything I’ve made has turned out! This cake is no exception. A fresh, citrus twist on a classic, old-fashioned pound cake, it’s delightfully tingly with lemon flavor and drizzled with sweet-tart lemon glaze. You can serve it with lemon curd and fresh raspberries or simply alongside a nice cup of tea! Continue reading

Turkey & Sweet Potato Soup

The chilly weather has us craving warm, nourishing comfort foods – and these don’t have to be unhealthy. This turkey and sweet potato soup is a hearty, satisfying meal full of fresh veggies, healthy protein and delicious flavours. This is adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe and I make it anytime I have leftover turkey, but its so good that I might have to start enjoying turkey more often so I can make this soup!
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