Beat the Heat with Screens and Shades

We love this warmer weather and all that it does for our gardens and our spirits, but sometimes it can also cause a few problems!

Long summer days mean that bright sunlight in the evening and early morning can make it difficult to sleep or cast obscuring reflections onto computer and TV screens. Afternoon sunshine beating in through south and west facing windows can cause rooms to heat up significantly and can also damage fabrics, artwork, furniture and flooring.
Below are three great choices for window covering that help solve these problems. If you’re not sure which is the best fit for your room or home, or if you are interested in other options, feel free to visit our showroom and talk to one of our expert designers. We are happy to help find just the right solution for you!

Designer Roller Shades
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades have a clean, modern appearance, which is equally beautiful in a minimalist space or under more traditional drapery panels. Their extensive collection of fabrics, colours, textures and opacities offer an abundance of options to work with your style, while also providing the necessary level of privacy and light-control. Each shade is precision engineered to deliver minimal light gap and quiet, flawless and smooth operation.
Plus, with PowerView® Motorization, you can control all your roller shades from your smartphone, tablet or the Pebble® remote. You can even program your shades to open and close on a custom schedule to manage light and heat throughout the day.

Designer Screen Shades
For excellent UV protection while maintaining your view of the outdoors, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are available in varying levels of opacity. Offering a minimal yet sophisticated shade with light control, colour and style—a perfect roller screen shade for your patio or sunroom. They also offer the thinnest light gap in the industry, and that means you get to enjoy less light peeking in, greater privacy and a more polished look. These are a great solution for bedrooms and media rooms, often beneath drapery or sheers for added functionality, and they can also be controlled and scheduled with the PowerView® Motorization.

Duette Honeycomb Shades
Up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades trap air in distinct pockets to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are available in numerous colours, patterns and textures to match any décor, while also providing light diffusion and privacy. They can open from the top or bottom and also come in a vertical orientation, which is perfect for sliding doors. The Duette Duolite® shades feature two different fabrics or opacities of your choosing fused together to allow for gorgeous light and view-through during the day and then room darkening while you sleep. And these too can be set up with PowerView® Motorization, so that you can schedule your shades to move throughout the day with the touch of a button or a tap on your mobile device. With the motorization especially, these shades are a great choice for skylights and specialty window shapes like arches, sidelights and circles.