Furnishings & Decor

Our stunning showroom displays our beautiful hand-selected furniture and home décor collections, including lighting, artwork, mirrors, rugs, accessories, faux floral arrangements, throws and cushions. We are always bringing in new items and changing things around to present different options and pieces. Plus, we can source pieces for you from our broad network of suppliers and order in exactly what you had in mind!

Furniture and Upholstery
Our collections include a variety of formal and casual styles for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices and more! We can help you select beautiful pieces to fit your lifestyle and make the most of your space. Plus, we also have the resources to have a beloved piece re-upholstered and a huge library of stunning fabrics and materials that we can help you choose from!

Mirrors and Artwork
We have stunning art pieces and beautiful mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Framed oil paintings and soft watercolours, abstract canvases and metal wall sculptures, elegant and functional mirrors and intricate reflective statement pieces! A well-placed mirror can lift a space and make it feel larger by reflecting light and colour from a window, artwork or another room. And art is so emotive and expressive – sometimes it’s the starting point for a whole room or the perfect finishing touch!

Accents and Accessories
Whether they are practical or ornamental, these finishing touches showcase your furniture, complete your room and reflect your personal taste and style. We love mixing the shapes and textures of materials such as glass, wood, metal finishes, marble and glazed china with the organic softness of our beautiful silk flower arrangement designs. Cushions and throws add that inviting softness to your room while providing accents of colour and texture to enrich or refresh your palette. We take time to carefully select each item and we are always bringing wonderful new pieces into the store to delight and inspire!

Beautiful lamps and fixtures not only light up a room or dark corner, but they are an accent piece – like artwork or sculpture – carefully chosen for you and your space. Selecting the right scale and size for your room is as important as the style and colour and layering your lighting offers options to suit your mood or activity. From traditional and classic to contemporary and modern, we have so many amazing designs for you to choose from!

Fabric and wallpaper
We have an extensive and constantly updated library of beautiful fabric and wallpaper sample books, along with a large selection of beautiful in-stock fabrics. With such a wide variety of materials, patterns, prints, colours and textures, we are confident that we can help find what you’re looking for. Whether you need stunning wallcoverings or fabric for upholstery, drapery, cushions or bed linen – come take a look and be inspired!

Rugs and Flooring
In addition to giving you another opportunity to add texture and colour, rugs help to define your space and pull a room together. Our beautiful sample library of rugs and carpet includes a wide variety of stunning designs and materials that look and feel spectacular! Changes in materials and technology are always creating new options and we would be happy to help find the perfect solution for beneath your feet!