Staying Warm This Winter!

Its so cold outside that just walking from the car to your front door makes your face hurt – I think I read somewhere that Winnipeg has been colder than Siberia this Winter…and we still have a couple of months to go! Even though every website and magazine I read is touting the benefits of embracing outdoor Winter activities, you couldn’t pay me to go snow-shoeing right now… so what about Winter activities we can enjoy without getting frostbite? I am definitely a big proponent of healthy exercise and activity, but I also love hunkering down and hibernating in this weather – I don’t even want to walk the dog (thankfully for him my husband is a trooper)! So here are my favourite ideas for enjoying Winter by staying warm and cozy indoors! We can venture outside again in May.

Things to do in Winter to warm up:

  1. Hot Yoga – I love doing this when its cold out. You do have to venture out to a yoga studio, but honestly its worth it – so toasty and relaxing! The heat loosens up your muscles so you can move deeper into poses and get a really good stretch, which leaves you feeling amazing afterwards! Classes are usually a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis – and you can always work to your level. Take care to hydrate and always check with your doctor if you have any health concerns regarding raising your body temperature.
  2. The Spa – This is another way to soak up the heat! Again, check with your doctor and drink lots of water, but if you have the all clear, then this is a really nice way to while away a cold afternoon! You can enjoy relaxing in the steam room, sauna or spa tub facilities and just lounge around sipping herbal tea in a robe all day – or, if you really want to treat yourself, go for a full Hamam experience or a massage and body wrap!
  3. Reading – We are all guilty of way too much screen time so reading is such a wonderfully restful luxury, especially when done curled up in bed or next to the fire with a mug of cocoa and fuzzy socks! Take some time to delve into a good book – let yourself fall into another world and get swept up in the story and its characters… you might find you can’t put down!
  4. Laughing – Laughter is so good for our health and wellbeing, plus it warms us up! We could all use a little extra laughter in our lives – so why not try out something that encourages those giggles. Watch a comedy show or funny movie or TV show, break out a board game with the kids or a few friends, go out bowling with some buddies, try a dance class with friends – or even karaoke if you’re really brave!
  5. Food – Think about wrapping your hands around a warm mug of hot cocoa or bowl of soup! Cooking and baking creates nourishing foods that warm us from the inside out – plus it gives us the excuse to get together with family and friends, which is warming for our soul! It doesn’t have to be complicated either – a big crock pot full of chilli or fresh banana nut muffins – turn that oven on and try out a new recipe or an old favourite today!
  6. Sunshine – Although it is ridiculously cold here in Winter City, at least we have days of brilliant sunshine and blue skies – its not dull and grey all the time, which would get wearing. Even though the sunniest days are also the coldest days, they do help lift our spirits and the sun coming in through your window can be deliciously warm. Open your blinds, draw back the curtains and let the light!
  7. Bubble Baths – If you have a bathtub and you don’t use it you’re missing out, if you don’t have a bathtub refer back to number 2! Immersing yourself in a big tub of warm soapy water will thaw even the deepest chill – the glass of wine or mug of coffee you have within reach will help too or course! Light a candle, play some music, read a book or just relax and feel the warmth seeping through you – just don’t fall asleep in there!
  8. Sleep – None of us get enough sleep and these cold dark nights are the perfect opportunity to indulge in an early night and catch up on some shut-eye. When it’s more frozen that the Arctic outside, bed is the best place to be – deep under the covers and quilts and promising yourself you’ll be outside everyday in the Summer being active and adventurous!