Sunbrella Fabric for Indoors and Out!

Before the green vibrancy of Spring, there is the dirty, salty and brown phase – and if you have pets, children or grandchildren, this also gets tracked into the house! In fact, no matter what season, they often find a way to spill, smear or wipe something on the couch cushions – that’s just how it goes! But can your furniture handle it? Some fabrics don’t stand up to wear and tear, sunlight exposure and cleaning efforts – but Sunbrella fabrics do!

With 60 years of innovation behind their products, Sunbrella have long been the go to for performance fabrics because of their unmatched guarantees of easy maintenance, unparalleled resistance to fading and stains, and the luxurious feel of their fabrics. Built into the very fibre of the fabric, these promises combine to deliver furnishings that maintain that brand new look and resist the ravages of time, use, spills, and cleanings!

Whether you’re looking to refresh your living room, sunroom, porch, patio or boat come take a look at the beautiful collection of colours, prints and patterns. From soft neutrals to tropical brights, Sunbrella fabrics make it easy to create a gorgeous, worry-free look that stands the test of time!

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