Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Welcoming Guest Room

The holiday season heralds all sorts of gatherings, feasts and festivities that bring family and friends from near and far. Its so much fun to get together and catch up and celebrate, but guests also need space for privacy and to decompress – or sleep off all that turkey! We want to make sure our loved ones have a home-away-from-home that is welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. Here are our ideas for creating the ideal space…

A comfortable bed – this is the key feature of any guest room! It can be difficult being away from our own bed – especially as we get older – so a comfortable bed is probably what your guests will appreciate the most! A good quality mattress, pillows and duvet will last a long time and your guests will definitely feel the difference. Mattress and pillow protectors are also a good choice as they can be washed easily and will extend the life of your purchases.

Beautiful linens – good quality fabrics are soft, breathable, wear well and will look fresh and beautiful in the room. Use linens to bring in colours that feel cozy, calming or uplifting and layer in pattern and texture to create a bed that looks – and feels – warm and inviting! Especially if you add an extra blanket or coverlet too!

Nightstands and lamps – a table or chest beside the bed should have enough space for guests to put a glass of water and a book. Lamps beside the bed are also a necessity for practical reasons and for creating a warm ambiance.

Storage – a dresser or small desk with a drawer or two and a clear surface will give guests somewhere to place their things. Similarly a few hangers and some space in the closet will allow them to hang up their festive finery! Keep in mind that matching or coordinating furniture pieces will make for a more cohesive and thoughtful space than a motley collection of odds and ends!

A bench for the suitcase – a hugely useful addition to any guest room, this provides somewhere to put a case or duffle bag at a more convenient height than the floor. Choose a bench that has a wide, level surface that won’t mark easily because those suitcase wheels are unforgiving!

A chair – if you have room to add a chair (of any size or shape) your guests will love the extra seating and/or place to put clothes or bags. This is a good way to fill an otherwise empty corner of the room too – you could even put a mini side table next to it for holding a cup of tea and drape a furry throw for adding snuggle!

Mirror – place a mirror over the dresser, or a long mirror on the wall where guests can stand back and assess (or admire) themselves before starting the day! Additionally, mirrors reflect light from windows, lamps and fixtures so they brighten a space as well as being functional.

Artwork – artwork gives you the opportunity to add some interest and colour. Art might be the catalyst for the colour palette in the room, or it might be chosen to compliment the bed linens and drapery, either way they should all work together to create a relaxing or refreshing look and feel. Steer clear of anything too dark or angry!

Window coverings – blinds and/or drapes are an absolute must for privacy and they also provide light control if guests need to block out daylight or streetlights while they sleep. Drapes will also add another layer of softness and warmth – along with beautiful colours or patterns if you choose!

Towels – your guest bathroom should be welcoming for your guests too. Fluffy towels rolled in a basket or stacked on a bench in the bathroom look wonderfully luxurious –  choose good quality towels that are absorbent and don’t shed bits all over your visitors! You could also add a bathmat, a jar of cotton balls and q-tips, some shower products, even a hairdryer. Think about what you would find helpful if you were staying there – your guests will be impressed and touched by these little details!

Accessories and extras – a vase of flowers (real or faux) adds organic softness to the room and a couple pretty accent pieces on shelving or surfaces are the finishing touches. Other items you might like to add to the room are some books or magazines, a box of tissues, and a clock. You could even add a few pieces of holiday décor to make your guests will feel extra festive and full of holiday cheer!