Blending Masculine & Feminine Decorating Styles

Couples can often disagree about how to decorate their home because they each have different tastes and styles – but for the good of your relationship and the harmony your home, it is important to find the balance! Carefully bringing together contrasting elements creates a blended aesthetic and a space in which you both feel comfortable and represented.

Stereotypically, there are certain characteristics or elements in design that are considered traditionally more “masculine” and those that are considered traditionally more “feminine”. These often tend to be opposites as you can see from the lists below.

In some cases a room or home may trend more one way than the other depending on who lives there (one person or a couple), who uses the room and what for (man cave, craft room, office, dressing room) and of course, what their particular style preferences are. Some people love minimalist modern décor, or classic elegance, whilst others might prefer a more rustic or industrial look. So how can these be combined and balanced for harmony in your room and your relationship? Here are our tips for blending masculine and feminine decorating styles:

  1. Simplify the Colour Palette – Steer clear of the extremes (unless you both love orange!) in favour of a neutral palette that will work with a variety of aesthetics. Keep it simple too – just two or three principle colours with shades or tones layered in – this will help tie the room together and unify the differing elements.
  2. Balance Textures – There are often a lot of hard surfaces, lines and angles in a room (walls, floors, windows, stone, metal, glass), which can be softened and warmed with layered fabrics and textiles like drapery, cushions, throws and rugs – or a vase of flowers! These are also great ways to add touches of colour or pattern if desired.
    Conversely, if your room is all squashy couches and flowing curtains, you might need to balance it out the other way. Include substantial functional pieces in metals, glass, stone, natural wood or leather. These will compliment your neutral palette, and add further dimension and interest to your space.
  3. Personalize the Space – This could be piece of artwork or gallery of photos, a treasured collection or antique, a fun cushion or pouf, a sculptural designer chair or a dramatic light fixture. These unique pieces give character to your room and provide a reflection of your personalities or your journeys in life! Choose things that bring you joy and make both of you feel at home in the space.
Check out out the video segment here to see Angie talk through how we put these tips into practice with CTV’s Terri Apostle. You can also see all our CTV clips on our Media page for more ideas and inspiration for your home!