Creating a Classic Look

Trends come and go, but a classic look is always in style! There’s so information and inspiration available these days – in magazines, on TV, on the internet – it’s tricky to know which ideas will stand the test of time and which will look dated fast. We came across a great article by Jennifer Barger of the Washington Post and we thought it was worth sharing, so here are seven tips for creating a classic look at home!

If you’ve seen it everywhere, don’t do it: Try and avoid things that you have seen everywhere on social media – don’t worry about what’s trending, if everyone is doing it, it probably won’t last.

Stick with the basics for your basics: Clean lines and neutral colors are timeless and your foundation elements — floors, walls and major furniture — are better kept simple and neutral.

Indulge in trends in a small way: Have fun with trends by adding smaller items are easily changed up as trends come and go, refreshing your look without breaking the bank.

Get real about your materials: Genuine materials — real wood, solid brass, soapstone countertops, linen drapery —tend to be made be more durable, age well and are rich in natural colours and texture.

Recognize ‘trends’ with staying power: Some popular ideas might seem trendy, but if something keeps coming around again and again, it becomes a classic.

Keep track of your time frame: Interiors and exteriors can also feel more timeless when some of the original architectural details of the house or its historical era are kept or honored.

But don’t over-adhere to history: Overdoing the historical references could make it feel dated – tastes and lifestyles have changed. Blend the old and new together for a contemporary but classic look!