Updating Your Room

Updating your room doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive- with the right details and choices picked by a designer- you can create a complete new feeling with a few simple steps!

-1- Add new to old- Updating a few pieces within your space can make an old, tired room look new and fresh.  A big trend in the design world now is mixing and layering pieces- adding new to old gives you a feeling of collection and time in the room- purposefully acquired pieces!  Introducing new transitional end tables to a bedroom suite updates the whole room- or try adding a one of a kind end table beside your grandmothers antique armchair.

-2- Cut the clutter! Removing the multitude of knick knacks, or consolidating them to a couple of key locations within a room gives you an airy and open feel.

-3- Create comfort- If you’re a master chef, or just love to have company, updating your dining chairs can be a great way to encourage friends to stay and chat (and eat!).  Move those old dining room chairs into a safe place and add fully upholstered chairs for an updated look. Using a luxurious leather, ultra vinyl, or stain resistant fabric makes cleaning a breeze! Great for the kitchen or any family that has children in, or frequently visiting, the home.

-4- Add some wallpaper- Many homes have little nooks- whether it be for a beautiful vase part way down your hall or the space in which your dining room buffet sits, wallpapers are a perfect way to add interest and depth- without making a big change.  Or, be bold! Do a whole wall! Many people cringe when I mention wallpaper- but trust me- they have come a LONG way. Troubled hanging and days spent scraping are no more- the beauty still remains though.  Appliques, beaded details and tone on tone sheen make the paper even more show stopping.

-5- Light up your life- Changing out a fixture, whether it be a hallway, dining room or island light can make a world of difference.  By increasing your style, or the amount of light you have (or, BOTH!) this simple addition can be a great functional change too.

-6- Change up a piece- Removing the top of your sideboard, or the built in mirror on your dresser updates your piece from old and seen before to new and unique.  In the dining room, flanking a beautiful piece of art or mirror with gorgeous buffet lamps brings a whole new feel to the room, and changing out the mirror on the bedroom dresser to a unique piece floating on the wall updates the room instantly.

-7- Paint! Changing the paint colour in a room immediately creates a new feeling. Whether you lighten, darken, or add a pop of colour, our designers can help you pick out the perfect shade to compliment the things in your space.

-8- Swap out your cushions- Whether it be seasonally or it’s just time for an update, new toss cushions can add a new form of life to your pieces. In addition to adding comfort, you can bring in exciting patterns, textures or colours with a simple toss cushion. Add in a throw and your sofa and chairs will feel brand new.

-9- Delineate an area- Adding an area rug can either separate or bring together two spaces.  By picking the perfect one you can add light, depth, comfort and life to your space.  With a variety of thread types, you can use faux silk for a bit of sparkle, or use different pile types within a rug to add more interest.  Many of the area rugs we carry are so unique- a piece of art in themselves!