Health, Happiness and your Home

We are surrounded by interior design in our homes, our work place and even the doctor’s office. But inspired interior design can do more than simply furnish those spaces; it can promote good health, good relationships and even help your wallet.

“Interior design can affect every aspect of our physical and mental well-being,” suggests Sonya DeVriendt president and founder of Windows of Fashion and Surroundings.

Learn why de-cluttering and the basics of feng shui can bring you serenity and explore how color psychology can help you to achieve a happier life.

Interior design can contribute to a better night’s sleep, a healthier kitchen; improve the quality of the air in your home and much more. Everything from the flooring to the light bulbs in the ceiling represents a design decision that can have profound effects on your health and environment.

An interior designer for example may be working with a client with respiratory problems such as asthma and by selecting products that don’t emit gases, the interior air quality can be improved in a living space. Or for a client with seasonal depression, utilizing full color spectrum lighting or day light LED bulbs can positively improve their mental outlook.

Colour has been scientifically shown to have an impact on our blood pressure, physical activity level and our moods.

Cool hues are selected to make us feel calmer. Warm colors can rev us up for the day. But color psychology is a much more complex science that when applied with an overall and detailed plan can lessen anxiety, improve productivity and foster a sense of well-being.

A skilled  interior designer can offer the specialized knowledge of the furniture, fixtures and equipment that promote good indoor air quality, are toxin-free, and are water/energy-efficient.

Area rugs can be used in place of carpeting to avoid exposure to mold and microorganisms as they clean better. At Windows of Fashion we have fabrics available that are completely organic.

Surroundings focuses on beautiful bed linens and luxurious duvets and pillows.

Give Sonya a call to see how she can help in making your house your home.