When to Refresh Your Pillow

No matter how diligent you are about getting to bed early, if you’re tossing and turning at night and waking up feeling groggy or with a crick in the neck, you aren’t getting the restful 8 hours you need. While stress and insomnia could be part of the problem, you can also look to your humble pillow as an essential factor in getting a good night’s sleep.

When we’re lying down for long periods of time, the right pillow is important for maintaining the correct neck and spine alignment. The perfect pillow should cradle your neck and spine, providing proper support regardless of which way you sleep – back, stomach, or side. Pillows that have lost their support often look depleted and that is how they will cause you feel too – exhausted, irritable and with neck and back pain.

Even if you are mercifully free of these symptoms, it is still a good rule of thumb to replace down filled pillows between two and five years depending on how firm you like it. Firmer pillows will need to be changed more frequently to maintain the support that works for you.

Pillows also absorb oils, sweat and dead skin cells while you sleep – this can really add up over the course of several years and will contribute to how fast your pillow deteriorates and becomes uncomfortable. A good pillow protector can help prolong the life of your pillow by preventing this absorption of oils and debris – plus it will also protect against dust mites.

Here’s the test to see if your pillow has lost its support: fold your pillow in half – if it bounces back then its all good, but if it stays folded then its past its prime and isn’t offering you the support you need. If you have a microfibre pillow (synthetic rather than down) then you might need to replace it more often. Certainly if its flat or lumpy then its time for a fresh one!

So, if your pillow is on its last legs, or it just isn’t as firm or soft as you need, come by the store to check out our line of feather, down and microfibre pillow options and pillow protectors. Prioritize your health and happiness and invest in a good night’s sleep!