Whiskey makes the papers!

Whiskey Makes the Papers!

We’re so proud of our showroom pup, Whiskey, for being featured in the Winnipeg Free Press!

Written by Doug Speirs, posted April 18, 2017: Click here for the full article.

There’s nothing that curbs the stress of a hard day at work quite like getting a cuddle and a slobbery kiss from your beloved office dog. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take it from a vocal pack of readers who responded to the contest I ran as part of our Newsroom Dogs project, wherein Free Press editorial department employees were encouraged to bring their canine companions to work for the past month.

In a sincere effort to get other people to write my column for me, I offered cheesy prizes — such as copies of my book, Bite-Sized Doug — in exchange for readers’ stories about going to the dogs in the workplace. Now that our month-long Newsroom Dogs experiment is winding down, it’s time to unleash my favourite contest entries, all of whom get a signed copy of my book along with another Free Press coffee-table tome.

Let’s kick things off with a heart-tugging entry from Hazel DeVriendt, who works with her husband at Windows of Fashion & Surroundings, a home furnishings and window-coverings store in Charleswood, where their chocolate Lab, Whiskey, has become a beloved fixture.

“He has three beds at the store and we installed baby gates in the doorways of my office and my husband’s office so he has a safe place,” Hazel wrote. “We don’t want him sneaking out into the road and, of course, not all our clients want his exuberant greeting! Most of our clients adore him, though — some drop by the store just to visit him, often calling ahead to ensure he’s there and not out for a walk. Sometimes they bring him toys, too, which he gleefully carries around or settles down on a rug to shred. The store staff are happy to have their canine colleague as part of the team and they love stopping by my office to give him some fuss. He loves people and is always happy to greet them with a wagging tale and kisses… He even gets a smile and an ear scratch from suppliers, moving teams and delivery guys as they pass by — a happy pause in their busy day.”

Whiskey is a perfect example of why so many scientific studies have shown dogs have a positive impact on the work environment, reducing stress, boosting morale and even increasing productivity.

Supplied photos</p><p>Whiskey, a chocolate Lab, is a lovable fixture at Windows of Fashion & Surroundings, a home furnishings and window-coverings store where his owner, Hazel DeVriendt, works.</p>