Matte black paint makes a softer statement!

This article from Sherwin Williams STIR magazine highlights how to create a modern, yet cozy, interior with matte black paint. Matte black finishes are everywhere – from luxury cars and electronics to makeup products and fashion accessories, but they’re also gaining popularity as interior finishes too. Matte black is dramatic and intriguing and gives a softer, warmer, more inviting look than a high gloss finish.

Try the look yourself by using matte black paint on just one wall in a room that has lots of natural light. Balance the dark colour by using a soft white or cream trim and add some interest to the room with glossy light fixtures; high-shine flooring; and textured rugs, furniture or accent pieces. Finish off with just a few accent colours or metallics that draw the eye without overpowering. Feel free to come by and check out the new colour swatches or talk to one of our designers about how this beautiful finish could work in your space!