Energy Meets Elegance – Honeycomb Shades

Both freezing outdoor temperatures and bright summer sunshine bring substantial rises in our heating and cooling costs and, while we can’t do anything about the weather, we can look at ways to make our homes more energy efficient all year round. You might be surprised to know, but choosing the right window coverings can make a big difference! Here’s how Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb shades can help you save energy and money – its as easy as one, two, three!

1. Insulation: An energy efficient window covering works in both winter and summer to reduce heat transfer through the window. In winter, the window covering slows heat transfer out the window, keeping more warmth inside. In summer, it slows heat transfer into the home, reducing the need for cooling. The choice of fabric is important for maximum efficiency and the Hunter Douglas Duette fabrics are particularly well rated for insulation properties – especially the Architella and Alustra lines.

2. Solar Heat Control: The summer months can also lead to high energy costs as we turn up the air-conditioning to beat the heat. A big part of solar heat control is reflecting the incoming sunlight back out the window’ white or light-coloured streetside fabric colour is preferred for achieving this as dark colours tend to absorb solar energy. Duette honeycomb shades feature white streetside colour on the majority of their fabrics, so that’s another check in the box!

3. Daylighting: Another energy-related function of window coverings is to diffuse incoming sunlight to soften it and bring it deeper into a room. Daylighting is improved further by choosing light filtering Duette shades in white or off-white colours or sheer and semi-sheer fabrics. In addition to reducing glare and improving visual comfort, daylighing can often save energy by reducing the need to use electrical lighting. Top down, top-down/bottom-up and Duolite design options on Duette shades also dramatically improve daylighting characteristics.

If you’d like to discuss Duettes, honeycomb shades or any other window covering options and how they could work for your home – feel free to come by the showroom and one of our expert designers will be happy to help, or call to book a free in-home consultation!