Creating a Cozy Bed

As the weather gets colder there is nothing more inviting than a beautiful cozy bed. Just looking at it helps to bring that warm, calm feeling – even before you have snuggled under the blankets! Creating this cozy haven can transform both your room and the quality of your sleep – its all about the carefully chosen layers…

Mattress: This is the foundation of your bed and finding the correct level of support and comfort is of upmost importance for the quality of your sleep. The type and quality of the materials used to make your mattress can also make a significant difference to your comfort, sleep and overall health. Take a look at our How Healthy is Your Mattress post for more information about what makes a difference in mattresses and the line of high quality mattresses that we have found and love!

Mattress protector: Not only does a good mattress protector prolong the life of your mattress, but it also has its own properties for enhancing the quality of your sleep. The natural fibres in our pure New Zealand wool mattress protectors help to absorb moisture, regulate your body temperature, keep moulds and mildews at bay, and are also naturally fire retardant.

Sheets: This next layer is directly against your skin and, again, the properties of high quality, natural fabrics make a big difference to your comfort. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from a variety of different weaves, thread counts and blends of cotton, linen, model, silk and wool. Its what ‘feel’ you prefer and the type and origin of the fibres that is more important than thread count though, so don’t get caught up in the numbers! Check out our post The Truth About Thread Count for more about what to look for in good quality sheets.

Support Pillows: Now the bed starts to take shape as you layer on the pillows! Starting at the back, euro pillows and sham pillows both offer support and height for sitting up to read in bed. They also provide volume for the bed – cradling you in coziness and giving that luxurious look that makes you want to sink in! Lastly, these pillows are also a great way to add colours, patterns or textures that complement other elements on the bed or in the room.

Sleeping Pillow: The most important pillow is your sleeping pillow, which should provide the right level of comfort and support for the way that you sleep. Whether you need a softer pillow for sleeping on your front or a firmer pillow to support sleeping on your side, we have options in down, feather, or down alternative. Further ward off waking up with a sore neck by making sure to replace your pillow every few years or when it starts to lose its supportive properties. Find out how to tell if it is time to replace your pillow in our post When to Refresh Your Pillow.

Pillow protectors: Adding a good pillow protector will extend the life of your pillows by preventing the absorption of oils, perspiration and debris which can otherwise build up in your pillow. They can also protect against dust mites, which can aggravate allergies. Safeguard your pillow and yourself with one of our organic cotton or pure wool pillow protectors – just wash to refresh!

Duvet: Finding the right duvet can transform your nights sleep! Duvets have different fill options – down, silk, or down alternative – and are made in a variety of weights or lofts to suit different preferences for warmth or to accommodate the change in seasons. A cotton or silk shell (ticking) is best for maximum breathability and it is important to look for a duvet that has ‘pockets’ sewn in to maintain an even distribution of fill.

Duvet Cover: As with your sheets, the quality of the natural materials that your duvet is made from is what counts for breathability and temperature regulation – keys for a comfortable night. This layer also has the most visual impact on your room – your choice of colours, patterns or textures will help create that perfect oasis or sanctuary. Changing your duvet cover can also be a great way to easily switch up the look and feel of your room depending on what colour palettes or fabric choices appeal to you as the seasons or your tastes change.

Coverlet: A coverlet, blanket or quilt can provide an extra layer of warmth, colour or textural dimension – or even help protect your bed from pets. It can be spread out fully across the bed – under or over the duvet – or folded at the bottom. More layers is more cozy!

Bed Skirt: Unless your bed frame has beautiful legs, a bed skirt is a must for a polished and finished look. Most often the colour and fabric is chosen not to draw the eye, but to compliment and blend with the bed linens. Fuller, ruffled styles offer a more traditional look and flat tailored styles a more contemporary look

Toss Cushions and Throws: The final layer is the cherry on top! Adding toss cushions and throws is fun and practical for extra warmth, comfort and luxury! We love including a central toss cushion and cozy throw as a stylish way to finish our beds – and these are also simple to change up seasonally if you like.

Are you thinking of adding some of these layers to cozy up your bed? We have lots of beautiful choices in store and we’d love to help you find the perfect pieces for your comfort and style!

1: Mattress Protector 2: Bedskirt 3: Fitted Sheet 4: Flat Sheet 5: Coverlet 6: Support Pillows 7: Toss Cushion 8: Sleeping Pillow 9: Duvet Cover