Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet!

The Pantone design gurus have selected Ultra Violet as the colour of the year for 2018 and it’s an intense blue purple! This non-conformist hue is both calming and uplifting – the colour represents optimism, ingenuity and visionary thinking for the future… it is mystical, spiritual and enigmatic… but don’t worry, its also just purple!

Client’s often come to us with a colour that they love and would love to incorporate into their home – maybe its a cushion, a painting, a picture from a magazine. This becomes the inspiration piece and we can help pull together a cohesive palette of colours, textures and elements to create a beautiful and balanced space. Purple – especially such a bold shade – is a great fashion colour, but less often seen in the home. Although its richness and vibrancy make it a great choice for a bedroom or lush powder room – or for some fun pops of colour in a living space.

Read on for our 6 tips for adding some Ultra Violet into your home – and also watch our CTV segment to see how we paired it with chartreuse green to create a gorgeous bedroom design!

1. Be careful not to overdo it! Maybe you love purple and you fearlessly want to paint all your walls in this shade – but you also know you might tire of living in a purple cave. Its better to approach this carefully in order to create a space that has longevity and that you really enjoy!

2. Choose one or two statement pieces – a feature wall, beautiful drapery, a sculptural chair, stunning wallpaper, a lush area rug. Be confident with your colour without it being overwhelming.

3. Add in a few accent pieces in different textures and materials – velvet cushions, a knitted throw, flowers, painted artwork, a glass vase, a ceramic lamp. This integrates the colour throughout the space.

4. Combine it with other colours to create a layered palette. Some colours pair better together than others and there are thousands of different tones and shades. Think about what look you want to achieve – soft and blending, rich and contrasting, fresh and crisp… what speaks to you?

5. Maybe keep it to the bedroom, guest room or powder room. In a smaller space or bedroom you can be bolder with colour because it’s separate from the palette and flow in rest of your home – perfect for trying something new!

6. Don’t worry about trying to find the exact match – whilst this ultra shade of violet is intense and amazing, there are so many other gorgeous shades of purple too… mauve, amethyst, eggplant, damson, lilac, plum, lavender… choose your own colour of the year and have some fun with it!

These principles essentially work for any colour; its all about integrating with intention… the balance and layers that create your perfect space. And you don’t have to love purple to be inspired by the new year – it’s a great time to refresh your home and try something new! Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or stop by our showroom for even more inspiration!