Add a little cozy!

The leaves are beginning to turn, the mornings are getting a little cooler and the season of Pumpkin-Spiced everything is upon us! Fall is actually my favourite time of year… the beautiful colours, warm fuzzy sweaters and that nostalgic back-to-school feeling of excitement and promise! And, of course, the opportunity to bring “cozyness” (invented word!) into our homes for those wonderful feelings of warmth, welcome and wellbeing! Here are a few ideas that we love for adding some cozy touches…

Layer up – throws, pillows, blankets and drapes add softness, warmth and texture to your space and are also a quick and simple way to change your colour palette. Choose knits, velvets and faux furs for an extra plush feel!

Build a nest – cozy up your bed with warmer sheets, a heavier fill down duvet, soft pillows or a coverlet for extra layering. Again, this is a easy way to change your colour scheme.

Happy feet – cover up those cold hard floors with a soft rug for when you step out of bed or into the bathroom. Rugs can add texture and colour too and they can even be layered on top of carpet for extra plushness!

Turn up the heat – nothing is cosier than a crackling fireplace! Wood or gas fireplaces are perfect for that welcoming warmth and ambiance. A stack or basket of birch logs is cozy by association too and candles with seasonal scents really take it up a notch!

Warm glow – as the nights draw in, choose good bedside lamps or reading lamps for curling up with your favourite author. Also adding lamps to dark corners or using dimmer switches on brighter pot lights creates soft, cozy ambiance.

Cozy on the inside – bring on the hearty comfort foods, steaming hot drinks and happy dinners with family and friends – these things warm our hearts and make us feel cozy on the inside!

With these tips in mind, we had fun decorating this home for Fall as you can see in this CTV Morning Live video of Angie talking to Terri about how to add some cozy to your living room!