Turn Your Bedroom into a Cozy Getaway

You don’t need a complete overhaul to bring a feeling of comfort to your bedroom. Here are a few inexpensive decorating tips that can easily help you add warmth.

1. Make the room warm and inviting with fabrics such as chenille, fleece, raw silk and soft wool. Flannel sheets are a perfect addition to any bed when the nights are cool, but if you really want to stay cozy, splurge on a down comforter.

2. If you have hardwood floors, lay a plush area rug to warm your tootsies on a chilly night.

3. Where is your bed situated in your bedroom? Is it facing the door? Is the head of your bed under a window? “Where you sleep has a lot of impact on your personal energy. It can affect your health, mental attitude and love life as much as anything,” states Feng Shui Expert Karen Rauch Carter in her book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

4. Try switching your lampshades to the soothing colors of ivory and gold to create a glow. Another idea is to add a dimmer switch to control the brightness of overhead fixtures. What’s the simplest way to bring a glow to your bedroom? Gather a cluster of candles on a small plate and place on a night table.

5. Mirrors, an easy addition to a room, will reflect light and create an intimate atmosphere. If you have a small bedroom, a large mirror hanging over a dresser can also make a room look larger.

6. Throw a chenille blanket on your bed during the cooler months. Not only is chenille soft, but a deep brown, red or purple blanket can help to add warmth to your room.

7. Place lots of plush pillows on your bed for an inviting feel. Vary the size and texture for added interest.

8. If you want a big change for a very small price, repaint a room. Reds and gold tones such as honey, butterscotch and camel are considered warm. Blues, lavenders and some shades of green tend to be more cool and soothing.

9. Surround yourself with the things you love. Display family photos on your bedside table or on your dresser.