How Healthy is Your Mattress?

Your mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep – but not all are created equal…

Conventional mattresses tend to be mass-produced from petrochemical foams and gels that are not good for you and that start breaking down after only a few years. It may be time to consider a new mattress if you’re struggling to get comfortable at night, or waking up with back pain every morning.

Additionally, because of their synthetic materials, conventional mattresses don’t ‘breathe’ and can often hold a lot of body heat and cause a build up of humidity during the night, both of which will negatively impact your sleep. In an effort to combat the insulating properties of chemical foams, some manufacturers promote gel technologies. These give an initial feeling of coolness to the touch, but, over the course of the night, they actually create a humid microclimate that inhibits the body’s natural temperature regulation process.

These conditions also mean that conventional mattresses are prone to collecting dust mites, mould and mildew, which – along with the chemical fire retardants – can exacerbate allergies or respiratory problems and impact your sleep patterns.

So, if memory foam is not all its cracked up to be – what is a better solution? 

What Makes Sprout Mattresses Different?

After finding out the unpleasant truth about foam mattresses, we did a lot of research trying to find a high quality natural mattress – one that checks all the boxes for composition, construction and comfort and is available here in Canada.

We so are excited to have found Sprout and to bring you this amazing line of mattresses, which combine 100% natural materials with high-quality, hand-tied techniques to create optimal levels of support and comfort in a beautiful Canadian-made product!

Here’s what makes the difference… 

  • Natural Materials: Your Sprout mattress is made with an inner core of either natural 100% Dunlop latex or hand-tied coiled springs, followed by comfort layers of natural wool, silk and cotton. The inherent properties of these natural fibres create a healthier and more comfortable sleep environment.
  • Natural Latex: Natural latex is a renewable material made from the sap from rubber trees and offers a healthy, natural alternative to synthetic petroleum-based memory foams.The support and comfort your latex core Sprout mattress provides is similar to memory foam, but because latex also pushes back rather than just sinking in, it ultimately delivers greater support and greater durability. It’s also far more breathable than memory foam – meaning that it won’t heat you up at night – plus it has great anti-bacterial properties too!
  • Temperature Control: Low temperatures at night are important for quality sleep and the natural materials in your Sprout mattress are exceptionally breathable and moisture wicking. This helps regulate your body temperature by keeping your sleeping environment at a lower humidity level and allowing the natural cooling processes of the body to work more effectively. This prevents the uncomfortable build up of heat and humidity as can often occur with memory foam or gel mattresses.
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant: Unlike foams and gels, natural fibres are resistant to mould and mildew – their excellent wicking and drying properties help keep moisture away and your Sprout mattress fresh and clean.
  • Dust Mite Resistant: Because natural fibres in your Sprout mattress help prevent heat and moisture build-up the dust mites lose out on their warm, moist breeding environment!
  • Naturally Fire Retardant: Using naturally flame resistant materials – wool especially is one of the most flame resistant fibres in existence – means you’re your Sprout mattress is free from the cocktail of fire retardants used to treat conventional foam mattresses.
  • Foam and Chemical Free: You can breathe easy because your Sprout mattress does not contain any petrochemical synthetic foams or gels, glues, chemical pest control agents or chemical fire retardants.
  • Handmade and High Quality: Your Sprout mattress is constructed using traditional handcrafted techniques, making it stronger, more supportive and longer lasting. Sprout also makes their own specially built box to provide the correct support and airflow beneath your mattress. If maintained properly, your Sprout mattress can last 10-15 years – as opposed to the 3-5 years you might get from a more cheaply constructed mass-produced mattress.
  • Dual Sided: Most mattresses are single sided, but Sprout constructs their mattresses as double sided, which means that you can flip your Sprout mattress over every few months to even out the wear and extend its longevity.
  • Hand-Tied Innersprings: Along with the natural latex options, your Sprout can also be constructed of individually enclosed hand-tied coiled springs. This offers firmer support, which can be preferable for those with a heavier body type or back pain. Some conventional manufacturers claim that more coils means more comfort, but, beyond 390 coils the difference is barely perceptible and it’s often just a marketing technique!
  • Comfort and Flexibility: There is a full range of comfort levels to ensure your Sprout mattress suits your sleeping positions and preferences. Plus a Zip N Link option, which allows you to combine two mattress types in one to create the ideal bed for you and your partner.
  • Peace of Mind: In addition to all the amazing health benefits, you will feel confident in your investment, knowing that your Sprout mattress is hand-crafted in Edmonton and comes with a 10-year warranty!
  • Delivered to Your Door: Sprout mattresses do not come compressed or flat-packed in a box – this would be very damaging to the materials and construction. Your new Sprout mattress and box will ship full-size and we provide white glove delivery into your home. And, because Sprout does not use chemical fire retardants, you don’t have to worry about off-gassing! 
Come try them out!

As you can surmise from the information above, and perhaps as the name suggests, Sprout mattresses offer a fresh new start… to your day and maybe even your health! That’s certainly how we feel after sleeping on one of these amazing mattresses and we have a few models right here in store so feel free to come by and try them out!

We can also help put together the other important building blocks of creating a comfortable sleep environment: hypoallergenic down and down alternative pillows and duvets, bed sheets and linens in natural cotton, linen, silk and wool, protectors for your mattress and pillows in natural wool or cotton and also room darkening blinds and drapery.

Apparently we spend about a third of our life in our bed, so it should be our haven of rest and recovery – taking care of our health and our sleep means we can wake up and enjoy living our best life!