End of Summer Plum Cake

Nothing can capture the change in seasons quite like a good recipe or good food! This plum cake brings the wonderful flavour of end of summer plums and warms them with a few spices into that perfect fall dessert. The cake is beautifully moist with pockets of magic created by the plums. It is perfect served cold (with a cup of tea, blanket and a book!). Or it makes a lovely dessert, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

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Behind the Scenes with Barrymore Furniture!

We already knew we loved Barrymore but, after a tour of their amazing Toronto facility, we are even more excited about this beautiful line and the incredible passion, skill and attention to detail that goes into every step of creating your custom piece! Our designers, Angie and Jaymieson, just got back from their behind the scenes trip and here’s what they got up to…  Continue reading

Sunbrella Fabric for Indoors and Out!

Before the green vibrancy of Spring, there is the dirty, salty and brown phase – and if you have pets, children or grandchildren, this also gets tracked into the house! In fact, no matter what season, they often find a way to spill, smear or wipe something on the couch cushions – that’s just how it goes! But can your furniture handle it? Some fabrics don’t stand up to wear and tear, sunlight exposure and cleaning efforts – but Sunbrella fabrics do! Continue reading

Ina Garten’s Lemon Cake

If you have been reading our newsletter for a while now, you might know that I’m a fan of the Barefoot Contessa – I trust her recipes because they’re always delicious and so far, everything I’ve made has turned out! This cake is no exception. A fresh, citrus twist on a classic, old-fashioned pound cake, it’s delightfully tingly with lemon flavor and drizzled with sweet-tart lemon glaze. You can serve it with lemon curd and fresh raspberries or simply alongside a nice cup of tea! Continue reading

Barrymore – Beautiful, Comfortable, Canadian

Barrymore Design Studio
We are excited to announce that we now carry the Barrymore custom upholstery line! We have a number of beautiful Barrymore pieces in store for you to see and feel the comfort and quality of their time-honoured, hand-crafted construction. Our designers can help you select from over 200 styles of sofas, sectional and chairs; specify any custom adjustments or options if you’d like; and choose from the huge array of fabrics and leathers to create a custom piece that is uniquely yours. We love supporting and working with great Canadian companies!

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Help Heal Dry Winter Skin

These freezing temperatures are hard on us in many ways – and especially hard on our skin. The cold, dry air robs our skin of moisture all day and our indoor heating further compounds the issue at night. Harsh winter winds, hot showers or baths, and chemical cleansers can also contribute to redness, itching, chapping, cracking and even bleeding. Here are some tips to help counteract these effects and keep our skin healthy and comfortable this season!

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