Dinner Party Tips for Hosting a Crowd!

Unless you happen to have either a Downton Abbey style banquet hall or a very small family, hosting Thanksgiving dinner will probably involve scrounging up extra seating (office chair on wheels and the bathroom step stool) and wondering at how small your kitchen suddenly seems when its crammed full of people and every available surface is covered with food! Now, certainly this can be part of the fun, but it could also be eased slightly with a little strategy or a few helpful items…

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Add a little cozy!

The leaves are beginning to turn, the mornings are getting a little cooler and the season of Pumpkin-Spiced everything is upon us! Fall is actually my favourite time of year… the beautiful colours, warm fuzzy sweaters and that nostalgic back-to-school feeling of excitement and promise! And, of course, the opportunity to bring “cozyness” (invented word!) into our homes for those wonderful feelings of warmth, welcome and wellbeing! Here are a few ideas that we love for adding some cozy touches…

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Outdoor Living – Soothe Your Senses

Places and spaces that make us feel relaxed and happy usually provide pleasant sensory experiences – the two go hand-in-hand. Think about the aroma in your favourite coffee shop, the soft sheets on your bed, a stunning view from your hotel balcony, the sound of the surf washing up the beach, the delicious flavour of your favourite ice cream! We can enjoy so many wonderful things, so why not bring these subtle layers into your space to soothe your senses and create the perfect haven for relaxing by yourself (what a treat!) or with friends and family. Take a look below for some ideas… Continue reading

Outdoor Living – Room to Relax

The warm weather encourages us to make time to kick back and relax, to have friends over for some good food and cold beverages, and to make the most of the sunny days and long evenings by getting outside as much as possible! In the heart of the city or out in the country, your porch, patio, deck, balcony or rooftop can become an extension of your living space; an inviting place to relax and retreat from the world and a beautiful oasis for entertaining family and friends. Take a look at our mood boards below for some ideas on creating your ideal space and let us know if we can help!

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Whiskey makes the papers!

We’re so proud of our showroom pup, Whiskey, for being featured in the Winnipeg Free Press!

Written by Doug Speirs, posted April 18, 2017: Click here for the full article.

There’s nothing that curbs the stress of a hard day at work quite like getting a cuddle and a slobbery kiss from your beloved office dog. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take it from a vocal pack of readers who responded to the contest I ran as part of our Newsroom Dogs project, wherein Free Press editorial department employees were encouraged to bring their canine companions to work for the past month.

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Matte black paint makes a softer statement!

This article from Sherwin Williams STIR magazine highlights how to create a modern, yet cozy, interior with matte black paint. Matte black finishes are everywhere – from luxury cars and electronics to makeup products and fashion accessories, but they’re also gaining popularity as interior finishes too. Matte black is dramatic and intriguing and gives a softer, warmer, more inviting look than a high gloss finish.

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