Behind the Scenes with Barrymore Furniture!

We already knew we loved Barrymore but, after a tour of their amazing Toronto facility, we are even more excited about this beautiful line and the incredible passion, skill and attention to detail that goes into every step of creating your custom piece! Our designers, Angie and Jaymieson, just got back from their behind the scenes trip and here’s what they got up to… 

Barrymore invited you to check out their factory in Toronto – what a great opportunity!
It was a fabulous opportunity, we feel very honoured! We got to explore their beautiful showroom and also to take a look behind the scenes for a close up of the craftsmanship and expertise that goes into each and every piece of furniture.

What were your first impressions?
Our first impression was a visual delight! As soon as we entered the building and saw the range of elegant chairs and sofas on display, we realized that our expectations were going to be exceeded!
Angie: Yes, the furniture is really exquisite – and they have impeccable hospitality too – such a classy, professional and talented group of people.  Their product and philosophy really align with what we want to bring our clients.

As your tour progressed, what really stood out about their process and people?
All the production areas are so clean and organized and each piece is hand made by a number of specialized and talented craftsmen and women who have been with Barrymore for many years.  Quality is very important to the company so there are lots of quality control checks from start to finish – from inspection of the fabric right off the roll, to countless checks right up until the piece is carefully wrapped for shipping.
J: Absolutely – we knew Barrymore made high quality products, but it was amazing to see just how thorough and meticulous they are.  Like Angie said, we really got to see how quality control was a part of each station and each stage of production.

What do you think is most important to them as a company?
J: Definitely quality control – the details of each station protects the integrity of the product, resulting in stunning pieces that we can be totally confident in and so can our clients.
A: Yes, quality is at their core. They want to create beautiful and enduring high quality furniture that will be loved for many years to come – furniture that looks good, feels good, and that will stand the test of time.

What new things did you learn that you want to share with clients?
A: I want clients to come and sit on the pieces we have, to understand and feel the quality! I loved learning about how to customize a piece to meet the comfort, size and aesthetic needs of different people.  And it was amazing to understand first hand how Barrymore has worked hard to ensure their broad range of hand crafted pieces and huge collection of carefully selected fabrics choices really provide something perfect in any setting.
J: There are so many choices and I thought it was especially interesting to see the design team perfecting the detail of a new design. They make a prototype first and if it doesn’t meet their expectations it gets manipulated and tweaked until it does.  It’s this level of care and attention that means they can also accommodate special custom requirements for individual clients too.

In summary, what do you think makes a Barrymore piece so special?
J: The art of furniture building is being upheld and renewed and is inspiring a new generation to the beauty of Barrymore.
A: The care and attention to detail they put into every step of the production process really does make for a most wonderful piece of timeless furniture!

It sounds like this was a really valuable experience!
Meeting the team, seeing the factory and gaining a deeper understanding of their process inspires so much confidence in the company and their product.
A: Absolutely, it was so inspiring and we learnt so much about what goes into creating these gorgeous pieces. We’re both looking forward to working with clients to help choose the perfect piece for them!